Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

Chocolate overdoses are no laughing matter!

That was funny I guess. Actually, it was a bit disturbing.

The black comedy of the Sloth series

People are downplaying this movie because it isnt as simple (not complex) as the other Sloth movies and doesn't go for the fastball-down-the-plate laugh. That said, I can appreciate the more introspective and intelligent turn in the Sloth series.

JeremyLokken responds:

Thank you for your review! It was intelligent and enlightening to know that some viewers can put thought into these cartoons. :)

The darkside of Sloth TV

Seems pretty bleak compared to the other Sloth TV movies, but it was funny and touching at the same time.

Not as great as the ones before it.

The last guy was right, can't beat Sloth Tv 2&3

Glad to know 911 wasn't getting you down. I loved seeing Chocolate Heaven. I think we all want to see something like that. The angel's penis was a candy bar! Or maybe it was covering up his real penis. This actually did have sincerity to it.

It was possibly a little too long. Those stock sounds are getting a little old. Maybe I just need to see that movie again. Chunk's pretty funny. This was a satisfying Sloth cartoon.