Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

is he dead? I DONT UNDERSTAND!!

Why did he do that to Chunk? And who the crap was that other guy?

Sloth finally snapped

He was a good man... I loved his show :( boohoo


The most powerful episode of Sloth TV. He should have went to heaven. The next one should be Sloth waking up and realizing that Episode 4 was a dream and that he should lay off chocolate. That would be cool. Good job (But Sloth TV 3 is still the best!!!!!) *_*


Man, if that's the end of Sloth I feel bad, that's why you get a low rating on this one, because it toyed with my emotions, you bastard.

that was freakin hilarious

oh man, when that chocolate started leaking out of their mouths, noses and eyes, i was dying