Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

i think ....

maybe you might have overdone sloth's love for baby ruths....just a tad... man you are one fucked up person

My Sloth Exp ROcks !

Hey you Guyss !!!! Me want Baby Ruth !!! -Eating chocolates,start seen alucinations: Sloth: Chunk !! ! ! Baby Ruth !!! ARGHHHH BAHHHHH BAHHHHHH ME LOVE CHOCOLATEEE BAHHHHH

wow that movie is deep, more than i considered

this flash movie speaks to me more than i cared to think about i thank the creater for that. I had troubles in inspiration with drawing but now i can continue doing something i love


((( 4 )))

lol ok it gets more freaky with each episode, hehehhe, sounds get freaky as well hahaha, but i am enjoying my SLOTH EXP its strange but fun...

You've Done better

Your Others where Great, the music remix and the Funny Animations ^_^ - I'd love to see something with Mouth or Mikey, or even Data :D