Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"


JeremyLokken responds:

It may be a little unclear for some people, but there is a story behind it. And by now, in episode 4, Sloth likes more than just Baby Ruth bars. STV4 shows the lengths that Sloth takes to get that chocolate high.

Waste of my time

i usually think sloth stuf is funny, but this was the dumbest thing i have seen yet. great animation though. sound was at 22500hz horrible

Funny stuff

Sloth actually looked some what normal at the end.

Dude, they killed sloth!

You bastards!
Killin sloth and chunk like that...aint right, I tell ya, aint right. :P

Jesus, Lokken

Having watched your Sloth TV series, I am actually beginning to be turned off by chocolate. Damn you, damn you to hell... I love chocolate and you made it disturbing!

Anyways, loved the music in all your series though. Sloth TV 2 and the original Sloth TV are still the best.