Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

cool flash

this is a really cool flash i like em all i like how he was tricked in the end the priest became a demon and he dived what looked to be hell keep em coming


and further more if the artist of the flash needs a venting point or is just putting an artistic veiw or food for thoght then do so. and to the previes reviwer who the fuck are you to look down on any ones creativity. so therfor i loved it good music and lovely animation. its just ignerrent dumb shits that have to put down creative thinking

* Bizarre ..

This usually given a name to something that is unbelievably intricate yet mind-bogglingly incomprehensible in it's meaning to the point of total mental retardation !

Whoof !

Great job on the SLOTH series !
Only you can bring it to us !
Only you can tell us what it really means !
I'm holding out for Sloth TV 5 !!

O-YES !! :D


For fuck's sake y did you even bother making these

Man that sucked, can't say I'm surprised though, look at the rest of this series, each episode in this series is just a crappy movie with annoying noise, pointles just pointless, I'm pleased to see that there isn't a Sloth TV 5 like you said there would be so thankyou for that although I can't forgive you for making this series, you know you've seen something shit when something makes Reading Rainbow look good.

holy crap...

I love all of the sloth TV's, but man oh man do they weird me out...fuck!