Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"


Jeremy i dont care what anybody else says i love your sense of humor,my surreal mind can grasp it really well.

lethal chocolate injections? XD

wow. i thought the first sloth was creepy. this isn't the best one, but it's not the worst. it's so so.


This was a lot creepier than your previous episodes considering Sloth killed Chunk and the other guy with the injections of chocolate,i was really laughing from the repetitive audio from the Goonies movie too,all around it was yet another strange but enjoyable episode of Sloth TV. =)


great flash but who was the other dude?....just the dude or what. Was it Mikey...or Mouth?...Anywho it was great I love animations that are rough and make little or no sense even though I think there was some underlying war tones in there....Bring in the Fratellis

Death by chocolate!

It was pretty funny, it could have been longer and it was funny how he pumped Chink and some other dude and himself full of chocolate until they died. The only bad thing was that Sloth went to hell which he might have deserved for the death of Chunk and a civillian. =/