Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

jeremy l you are the man

but i have to say that the music in the beginning wasnt so good, and same with the animation at the beginning... i kinda expected more, but it was still great and you deserve a 10.

Damn, I may have missed something...

I may have missed something, cause good god that sucked ass! That was one of the worst actual movies ever submitted to the portal. I mean sure there are crap entries like "Soccer Death" or soemthing but this was an actual movie and boy howdy it sucked ass and a half. Sorry man, but you suck ass and deserve to die at your earliest convinience.

JeremyLokken responds:

Usually 19 year olds are a little bit mature than some of the other audience members that view my cartoons. My earliest Convenience would be when I am about 120 years old. Get some respect, after all, your most favored flash on NG is Mario Gets Lucky.


You rotten so-of-a-filthy bathing towel! you nearly made me cry! sloth is gone! but... at least not from our hearts..... (sob) Great job, as usual! keep it up sir!


Animations were very nice, I assume thats all you were showing here? Cause that movie lacked a point :P

Ummm ok .. ..

Ummm ok .. .. this is weird scary and very weird ..... did i say weird?

PS. Thats poo coming out of those peopls faces righ...........

Righty..... ..ummmmmm ok ........ good bye