Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

The black comedy of the Sloth series

People are downplaying this movie because it isnt as simple (not complex) as the other Sloth movies and doesn't go for the fastball-down-the-plate laugh. That said, I can appreciate the more introspective and intelligent turn in the Sloth series.

JeremyLokken responds:

Thank you for your review! It was intelligent and enlightening to know that some viewers can put thought into these cartoons. :)

Chocolate overdoses are no laughing matter!

That was funny I guess. Actually, it was a bit disturbing.


Hey Jeremy, I donno if you remember me or not, but I saw that you made another Sloth movie and I just had to see it. Good job on it btw.

Sloth is old

These sloth movies are just never funny. I do have to say though that the picture of sloth with the chocolate dripping out his eyes and nose was great. but really, i dont see much humour in any of these. The music - terrible. cheesy and badly made.

its been messed up.

I LOVE your Sloth TV series. But what happended? The humour seems to of disappeared. It was sad and gloomy. It looked a little bit lazy too. There wasn't much animation. Sorry Jeremy but this has to be the worst one yet. Please keep going though. Im sure there will be a better idea in your head so that you can bring Sloth back!