Reviews for "Sloth TV 4"

Not as great as the ones before it.

The last guy was right, can't beat Sloth Tv 2&3

Nowhere near as good as stv2 or 3....SORRY!

Dunno what's happening here but it isn't funny and the sound is just damn annoying! I hope no.5 is gonna be better. I think the element of his retardedness is missing...he needs to spaz out a bit more and be more sloth like...(where his tuft of hair?) why are his eyes getting better...they used to be all over his face! anyhoo keep trying but i dont think you will beat stv2 + 3...


Not very good

Nahhh... This one isn't half as good as the other Sloth stuff. My favourites are SlothTV2 and All Your Sweets... SlothTV4 uses the same overdose idea of SlothTV2 with worse music, less humour and an augured plot. C'mon Jeremy! I laughed my liver out on the other movies! Make it so again, and put Sloth and Chunk in some funny situations.


hehehehe....Sloth looks like some kind of evil baby in the load screen. The dark side of Sloth-scary stuff...chocolate overdoses

The darkside of Sloth TV

Seems pretty bleak compared to the other Sloth TV movies, but it was funny and touching at the same time.