Reviews for "Inverse Kinematics Worms"


10 for originality! I gave you 4/5, Flash got stuck because I inserted too many worms. After that I found out about the player-controlled stick. If I weren't so hasty you'd definetly haven gotten 5/5 ;)

It's funny to feed sticks to the worms while trying to evade them yourself >:D

you made me cry.

very good... but my little swimmerman got eated and it made me cry.

My worm got OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!

My worm got to 2,000 and it was so fat i callled it blubber ball.it could stuff like fifty people in it's mouth and it took up half the screen with just it's head!!!!!!sorry for sound but there wasn't any.It was only a little funny since seeing a fat worm endlessly eat had limited amusement.violence is cause there WAS blood,after all.
graphics are cause after a while,it looked like a big messy spikeball.the int and slyle were very good though


I added 999999999 worms and my computer shutdown!


I love the difficulty, and how it gets harder each time you are hit because you lose a limb. See how long you last a the only swimmer.