Reviews for "Inverse Kinematics Worms"


this would make an amazing screen saver!!!

Kinda bored...

Uhhh dude make only one swimmer and kinda less worms because when the worms go completely crazy (or is it me) and they multiplie or just make a one worm and lost of swimmers

100%awesum 100%grate 100%good 100%cool 100%notbad

but make a worm dleter ok and a worm editer ok

Cool but needs a bit more...

This game is cool but it gets boring after a while. My suggestion, make the area they're on bigger, add a bit of detail including some physical aspects such as walls, make the control over the worms a bit easier instead of them weaving back and forth, make the swimmers faster, and voila.

and the idea you had was???

i dont get the point of this game.