Reviews for "Inverse Kinematics Worms"


A great time-killer. you really thought out of the box for this you need to make more of these. preferably with animals besides worms.

I thunk

I think you must add music and some songs thats all, good game too!!! :)

Pretty cool

hey you should make some worms to be able to eat or bite other worms
they should become longer too ! ><


It was a great break from shooting people in the face (even though that is AWESOME!!!) i really like the new idea as well as making you swimmer try to evade the gigantic worms i do agree that you should be able to play as the worm though and maybe add things to the environment or something any way very good

This game is awesome!!!!!!!But....

There could be an option to create our own worm,choose the type,the size...that would be cool!But,its a cool game!