Reviews for "Inverse Kinematics Worms"


It was a good game, it was a little slow after about 30 worms and the swimmers were too slow. Also you should think about adding sound, and maybe a way to win. Is there a way to win, well if there is I haven't found it.

Great style

I really liked your graphics, but the point of the game wasn't very clear and the swimmer moved slowly. If you could fix that (not too hard, I'd think) then it'll be an awesome game!


10 for originality! I gave you 4/5, Flash got stuck because I inserted too many worms. After that I found out about the player-controlled stick. If I weren't so hasty you'd definetly haven gotten 5/5 ;)

It's funny to feed sticks to the worms while trying to evade them yourself >:D

i dont know

im not quite sure about this game
dont submit test
everyone always does


This deserves to get past the portal