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Reviews for "A Grey Moment"


it was short, but sweet. But u know whats funny I had my mom behind me while i was watching this i didnt know im so screwed XDDDDDDDDDDDDD


That was kewl.

fiven my brutha


I hate clock, glock, and any other ock crew shit. However, this was actually funny, so congratulations on being the first clock not to get blammed by me. Don't worry, I always watch before I blam, this would be the reason you didn't get blammed. Nice.

Eternal-Panda responds:

All I ask is people watch before they vote, thanks. I agree the majority of clock movies don't get enough effort put into them, but there are quite a few really good ones out there. You could say the same for all the movies on Newgrounds in general really.
Thanks for the kind review. =)


This is by far the best clock flash I've ever seen, and anything by you guys is near abysmal. Not that I'm saying I didn't enjoy this flash.

Eternal-Panda responds:

We are not as tightly a nit group as people think. There are alot (and I mean alot) of people who just pick up a clock name and run with it, only to release total garbage because they don't take it seriously. But there really are a ton of good clock movies out there, just have to weed through alot of other movies first.

Thanks for the review.


That was really funny man, great job, nice smooth animation, and great graphics as well, I like to see more like this from the clock crew.

Eternal-Panda responds:

I'll lern them young'ins, don't you fret none. heh heh