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Reviews for "A Grey Moment"

Heh ..

I HATE clock movies! But this was cool :)
The idea of it was real cool =]
My 4's ;D ..
Wait , No 5 =D

the replay button was hard to find..

but great! i hate All clocks but now i am willing to reform! this was great and you have brought honor to those disgracefull clocks. a much enjoyed movie and keep it up with the masterbating jokes and queer stuff like that!


funny as hell.

the side note is not something I needed to know

But this movie overall kicked ass.

Eternal-Panda responds:

If it makes you feel better, I wrote this response with a boner.

...lol sorry, thanks for the review.


LOL that was hilarious! Pretty short one, but it doesn´t really matter it was still fun as hell! [|_, {[]} [|_,