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Reviews for "A Grey Moment"

Lol, internet!

I know I'll be hated for this, but I've been quite a fan of the clock crew's *BETTER* animations. And this one certainly takes one of my favorites. The animation was clean, and smooth, and very well done. The music was a good choice, along with the MSG exclamation sound. The punch is what got you the 7 for violence, I know its not really violent, but it was surprising to say the least. Nice job with the using the screen and all, and it was amazing how you did that blur effect, how do you do that anyway?

Eternal-Panda responds:

No one is going to hate you for likeing a clock movie, except people with heads up their asses. If you like a movie, then like it, screw everyone else.
Anyways, The blur effect is a flash 8 feature. It used to be a hassle to do in older versions, flash 8 is a godsend in that sense.

thanks for the review.

I disagree

That guy is retarted the clock stuff still is alive hes just a fag for saying that good work all that can said


Maybe a few of the animators in the clock crew do have a future in animation. This was a good flash compared to the usual clock crew crap, i applaud you.

Eternal-Panda responds:

Thanks. I have been gone a while, I really had no idea the state of clock movies was so bad.


That was the *first* clock production I've ever thought was even slightly amusing! Sweet work! The punch thing was pretty cool aswell. I am impressed, good sir.

could be better

like i said could be better but still cool