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Reviews for "A Grey Moment"

I fuck cows.

That was cool but kinda gross. I dont hAve anything agienst mastrabating. I do it every knight in frount of cows. But I dont want to watch a clock jake it dude.): I love cc(:

Eternal-Panda responds:

lol, "knight". Good times.


Maybe the main idea is kinda sucks but this movie is still good.

Can B Better

Eternal-Panda responds:



To say the least. Superb to the say the very most and enjoyable as an entertainment view. The style and graphics blended very nicely with a well compiled audio clip without any choppy interference. The humor was right on proving to be the most dominant feature in flash further being enhanced with the outstanding selection of graphics. Short and sweet best describes it. Well done.

Eternal-Panda responds:

That's a very astute review thank you =)


This is done in such a sexy style, it's amazing. You got great sounds and catchy background music playing, added to favorites :)

Too bad

A nice movie, well made, well animated, good sound. The idea wasn't funny, though and anything that has to do with clocks and locks is shit. I gave it a 0

Eternal-Panda responds:

At first, I read your name as "douche". Then I realized I read it incorrectly, and then I got sad because it would have fit you so well.