Reviews for "KUBA MC"

Nice game here

It was a fun game, except I would like to see checkpoints or something so i dont have to start at the beginning, or maybe i never made if far enough. Also im not sure if the flaming garbage can you can jump on or not, because i died while jumping on it one time, and lived another time.

Loved this

Great little game! The soundtrack alone is worth it, but the graphics and the gameplay are excellent too! Keep up the good work :)

i like it

Pretty good game, but does the help button at the beginning do anything, cuz it didnt when i clicked it.

great game

i really liked it, but it gets a bit boring at the end. the best is the fact that you can lose unless you really want to because there is always a life at the begging of the level. next time make checkpoints, by the way how do you beat santa?