Reviews for "KUBA MC"

Pretty Sweet Dude!

Yo not bad man a pretty funky little game, especially when your high lol.

Nice dude


Shady Manson

Very original

Good straight forward game. For what it was it was good.


Pretty original game. Not very much range, but that makes it good. Pretty devious how itjust links you to your website when you beat it. That goes against the "no autospawn" rule Newgrounds has. yet most people probably wont take the time to beat it if they get frustrated. pretty good though, love the sound effects,


Pretty boring. A dude running around yelling rap shit to wiggers. I couldn't even tell what he was saying. You die as soon as they walk into you? The background music was annoying too. Blah. Crap.

sick stuff!

Prominia is absolutely right I also would like to see checkpoints or something so peeps dont have to start at the beginning.beside's that it's a nice game but plz add some checkpoints i hate starting from way behind.