Reviews for "KUBA MC"

what was that all about

im confused by WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kind kewl

you mustuv been fuuuuuked up dude


Ha, this reminds me of a guy I worked with in Chicago a couple years back. Runnin' around screamin' and singin' in a megaphone to wake up everyone in the morning... man, those were good times... This rocks just for bringin' back good memories ^_^

Not very good at all

First off, I dont know who likes running around yelling what sounds like "Hey Ma!", "Sideburn!" or what sounds like a rooster. Second, there were alot of glitches in the game, i.e. there is a can that is on fire in the beginning of the game and you can jump and stand on it unless your on the left side of it, which first gave me the impression that you werent good enough to make fire hurt, so I ran on the fire later in the game, which was very misleading of you T-T

alsos, I Got the 10 second super mode like thing and I ran into an elderly person and died, game over... =[

Please do not make another game...


This game gets really boring. Cheap Mario ripoff!

This game gets boring faster then Bingo in a Senior Convention. It isn't that fun. The game is alot like Mario. To make a better game next time try adding more sounds, more music, funnier voices. Trying putting in superjumps and stuff, be creative!