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Reviews for "Hungry Space"

A+++++ Classic game

I love this game, it's so adicting. I rember playing this years and years ago when I first got my pc. It just sooo ADICTING ^^ Oh and to the asshole before me with no friends, how can this be a rip off of fishy if this was made before it??? Prick.


Excellent game. It's like Fishy, but MUCH difficulter, which makes it much funner. ^.^ I finally beat it, after many tries, and I have just three concerns. 1. It's really slippery in space, 2. The music is really annoying, after a while. 3. It took forever to actually grow. But other than that, it's a great game.

wierdlyfun and hilariously awesome

once i saw the alien from this in my telescope but it turned out to be peanut butter

that reminds me.....

of the game fishy.
9 because it is not as good an ending as fishy
it ends with
you ate everything and completely destroyed the pond ecosysyem

Great fun and addictive

Fishy with a new angle - great fun and very addictive. Nice tight collision detection. Don't bother with Hungry Space 2 - it may have some new sprites and silly power ups but there's less gameplay. With this game patience and skillful manoevering will see you through, but with Hungry Space 2 you'd better just hope for the best and that ain't no fun.