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Reviews for "Hungry Space"

Great memories laughing with my bros. AND the best WASD training ever.

While not that good, I still liked this. I think it's probably because it's fun to think out. I find these big fish to be really funny. It reminds me of "The Simpsons". I appreciate how they just go around and pop up everywhere. It just comes off as a funny arrangement.

The music is also pretty good. It's funny to see all the fish's fins just swim around. I imagine space can be like water, but I'm no scientist. It's hard to tell what size fish you can eat. I swear they're as big as I am, although maybe that just doesn't work.

Tooth for tooth here

Awesome game. I also like the music, kinda reminds me of Ridley's Theme (Super Metroid). The positive is that my alien fish can eat the bigger fishes it couldn't eat before, but being bigger also makes it more difficult to avoid the blue alien fish, and getting trapped. But nice flash! I haven't been able to get it much big yet, but it's difficult to stop playing. Creative, funny and nice effects (I also like the burp-sounds when the alien eats, or get eaten).


all i want to do is at least get big enough to eat a blue one but i cant
this sucks space balls
but the game was..... interresting

One of my favorites

I like it better than number 2, and better than the fish games. I also like the slippery controls. Furthest I ever got was eating a green fish or two. This would be a cool hand-held game that I could buy at a gas station for like 5 bux =p