Reviews for "Pay raise"


Short, sweet, and to-the-point. It simplistically showed what it stereotypically takes for women to advance in their careers.

Or just that they'll suck for money

Or something totally irrelevant or that I didnt say

Idk lol but gj and I'll be sure to watch your other animations

nice lol

good movie voted a 5 since i deffinitly want to see more of this stuff

woah, like faaaarrrr ouuutttt maaaannn

woah, check it out, that was like, reeaaaallly funny man.... i hope to see more of your work in the future,
like peace out maaan....


too funny! no words!


Laughed out loud at the twist. The sound wasn't brilliant though; you could have made it better while still not having voices by having a different tone of sound for the manager talking.