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Reviews for "'the garden'"


If you begin to do the very evil that others do unto you, then you shall become no better than they are. And, I have to admit, that this is a BEAUTIFUL way to explain that line....
Your art is simple, your message huge. AMAZING.

I like

This is coll, though i remeber looking through the comments and there was one idiot who said the morale of the story is if you stand up to bullies, you BECOME a bully, i personally think thats unfair and i think standing up to bullies is a GOOD thing.

Once again, good movie.


If every plant sprouts from a body, where did the first flower sprout from? jk... great animation!

i didnt like it

personally it wasnt my cup of tea cos i dont like tea but thaats another point anywho i think it wasnt that welll animated and u where sorta copying the guy from fat pie with the style of animation

What the.....

yeah... ok... flowers.... turning other people..... into.... flowers...... ok. this should also go in goth section.