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Reviews for "Radosh - Seaside"


ROCKIN! Sounds epic,like a sword fight in a zelda game...10/10 5/5 for the effort and just plain soundin cool.

Radosh responds:

Thx :)


flows pretty well, which means objective achieved, well done sir
also, 10th review xP

Radosh responds:

Thanks xD Yop hope not last xD

Holy ****, this is an awesome song.

When I heard this song, it sounded like more of a RPG boss battle type song. But I guess everyone sees it in a different way. Awesome song dude. I'm a flash developer myself, and after hearing this song, I may be thinking of using this song for my RPG battles in future games. Keep up the good work.

Radosh responds:

Oh!! Thank Yo! If you finish that game you can count on my music!! xD


I close my eyes and feel like i'm flying through space.

Radosh responds:

Yeah :) Thanks


...nice song man i love the Drum N Bass! =P

Radosh responds:

Thanks :) Yeah dnb is really gr8!