Reviews for "A war Moment"


awesome animation.same as phuxeaou, develop a storyline, make it longer and itll be perfect. yeah the face looks a bit dranbally. its all good though


great movie, perhaps if you made it longer, it wouldve been a whole lot better, but i liked it anyway.

awesome style

great animation. little short, though. keep it up, develop a storyline and you'll get front page in no time. also the main character looked a lot like adult gohan @.@`


Awesome flash, could of been a lil bit longer but who cares. Who needs the extra work. Nice creation.

oddly enough, it made me laugh

Very nice and realistic portrayal of a moment of war. I was debating between a 2 and 3 when the ending credits came on...I have never laughed so hard. That song was utterly brilliant, so unexpected and completely out-of-place. That clinched a 3 from me for humor value alone.