Reviews for "A war Moment"


It was ok. But it looks too much like dbz stuff. I only really gave this a 5 because he shot his friend or somthing. Have some originality in your things.

it was ok but to short put more into it thow

i like the dragon ball z style and the kinda ranbo feel to it but it was lacking a plot.


Awesome flash, could of been a lil bit longer but who cares. Who needs the extra work. Nice creation.


awesome animation.same as phuxeaou, develop a storyline, make it longer and itll be perfect. yeah the face looks a bit dranbally. its all good though


I gave it a 5 because the music at the end made me giggle insanely. Animation was fairly good, but I can't help but notice how similar the art style is to Dragon Ball Z. Still, it wasn't bad. Think about making longer cartoons with stories and you're pretty set. :)