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Reviews for "Draconica"

Really good song :)


I think it's pretty impressive that this song can be so varied while still strictly following the same chord progressions. It makes my foot tap and it reminds me of machinery. Keep it up, man! :D

Kherr responds:

I originally started with just that calming intro sound (the pads) before the drums came in. I heard that soundloop in my inventory and wondered where I could go with it... So I decided to use it... and I just kept rolling with it. I hadn't even realized that 4 hours had gone by when I hit mixdown to mp3 and I noticed the clock when I hit submit here on newgrounds. :D

You, my good sir, I appreciate the truthful review, because I've only seen good things from this track thus far... It was holding a 4/5 but a troll must have come along because now it's 3/5... *sad panda*

Thanks for the choice score and review! :D