Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Good Game

Itd be good if you had some other pickups, like time consuming eggs or sausages that kept the time going or something like that. Good game nontheless i liked it.


a litlle to little but ok at all ;/

A fun time waster. While the controls in single player mode do take a little getting used to and the jumping isn't that solid, the controls in 2-player mode are the biggest flaw of this game. Due to the fact that Edd and Matt collide with each other and the game window is pretty small, movement is severely restricted.
If you don't particularly care about 2-player mode, the single player is still a lot of fun.

it had potential

It wasnt that great of a game, but im saving it because it has the potentialto grow into a very good game. Add a storyline, and make something like bad bacon thats burnt that mabye takes away score. And a way to increase your time.

Could have been better.

I like the concept, having seen many of EW movies, but in a way this spoils the high standard I have seen from EW.
The drawing was done to the EW level, which is pretty good, with movies that rival some official programmes in comedy.
However, I can't help thinking this game missed the mark. As I said, it was drawn well, but didn't seem very well thought out. You see, for one, after you collected the bacon, the spawn point for a new piece of bacon was completely random, one being almost completely covered by the box at the stage bottom at one point. Another time, they all spawned in the same place, and in a third case, two pieces were spawned, but there was nothing marking the location, and they were collected by chance.
A second point is that the edges were too 'rigid' technically speaking, while the character was too 'soft'. This often made the character bounce of pieces of stage, ending up lower down that I wanted them. A possible remedy to this would be to raise the jump height slightly to account for error.
That is why this has been given a mark of 5/10, contrasting with the normal EW standard or between 9-10.
For all of the computer illiterates and fools out there, do not press the 'useless' button on this review merely because it says negative comments about something you cannot understand. This area is for reviews, not comments, and this is my reivew.
As for Eddsworld, I would stick to making the movies, as even the more beginner ones are much better done than this. At the very least I would experiment offline, working out all the errors in a game if you were to submit one, then sending it to an outside source for a quick review, so it would come out a well made item.