Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Pretty Good.

I like the overall concept and the smooth flow. Kinda weird how I can walk through something and then jump on it later, but overall, nice work.
(To the author) - I can see it as A material

Pretty good for a school project.

Assuming that this is one of your early endevors in Flash, seeing as you mention it is for a class, I've gotta say that it's a very satisfying yet simple amalgam of all that one needs without a lot of the unnecessary stuff. Strangely, just like bacon.

Violence gets an 8, though, because bacon is still the giblets of broiled pig.

Pretty good!

A nice, simple platformer! I thought the controls, though unruly at some points, handled quite well, and the character design was quite good also.

I do have a couple of suggestions for improvement:

1) Add more items - In addition to bacon, you could add other foods and make them all worth a different number of points. This will add a bit more variation to your game.

2) More stages - A stage-select option would add some re-playability to your game.

Overall a pretty damn good platformer that I think may have been overlooked by Newgrounds.

~ Zornkatzu

Okay I suppose.

A simple platformer concept.
Not much of a challenge if you're playing single player.
Why does it make a weird noise when we collect them?
It still a little bit fun.

It wasnt...bad..

I didnt really enjoy it, the gaps between the platforms are narrow so I cant jump through them. The graphics were extremely 2d, which i didnt really mind. Music could have made it slightly more enjoyable, but overall this game isnt...bad. 7/10 3/5