Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Bacon =D

Awsome game I always find myself playing as matt

Good game anoying sound efects

This is a good game it could use music and beter bacon colecting nosies like a coin collect nose from a mario game or a sonic ring nosie! Other then that good game it reminds me of the mario bros. arcade game wher 2 players are fighting to collect coins n' stuff! So yeah i voted 5 on the vote thing whos(or whats) name i'v forgoten and an 8/10 toatal score!..............yeah bacon!!!!!!!!!1!!!2!!!One11!!!!!!!~()


although it was a simple design, quickly done characters and bacon that reapers were evr it wants, this is AWESOME!
was it made on yoyo game's game maker?

What a odd game

You fly around whene you jump, go right thru things....and still i really like this game :D

Well taking the fact that you made only a few game

Trust me, I've seen a lot worse, and this is about average, the Edd and Matt are detailed and drawn well, and its not broken in any way, and the game is kinda addicting, so it deserves a 6 out of 10! And i agree with EpicBlazingAngel, you should stick with movies, unless you have some "Edd-Tastic" idea in your head for a game!