Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Pretty Good.

I like the overall concept and the smooth flow. Kinda weird how I can walk through something and then jump on it later, but overall, nice work.
(To the author) - I can see it as A material

Not bad...

It could use some music, and maybe something else in the gameplay to spice it up. Also, about halfway through, one of the pieces of bacon stopped spawning. Was this intentional, or an error in the code? Anyway, definitely a good start to what could become an interesting game.


I think it would be so much better if it had some cool music in the background. Nice game though. I like bacon.

It was pretty good.

Even in the simplicity of it all, it's a pretty fun and addictive game. I really liked how you drew the characters. The only reason I gave Sound a 3 is because it was only jumping noise. And humor is because it made me laugh a bit. I still don't know why.

it had potential

It wasnt that great of a game, but im saving it because it has the potentialto grow into a very good game. Add a storyline, and make something like bad bacon thats burnt that mabye takes away score. And a way to increase your time.