Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"


I LOVE BACON SO FRICKIN" MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! *heavy breathing* Bacon is the most how do I sa yit DELECIBLE substance on earth!!!!!!!

Not bad.

Good attempt at a decent game here. Didn't have much of a point, but it was good for what it was...

Nice Game ;)

Dode, your game is cool, the action script is alsome too...
the bump sounds were nice to, the graphick too, mostly i liked every thing ;)

gerat START of a game

this game was ok it was really fun but it needs more this is what would come to be a great game if you continue to work on it
this is actull a great 2p considering there is no good 2player games on newgrounds. (if there is can somebody tell me) this also reminds me of bubble bobble

Pretty Good.

I like the overall concept and the smooth flow. Kinda weird how I can walk through something and then jump on it later, but overall, nice work.
(To the author) - I can see it as A material