Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Pretty good!

A nice, simple platformer! I thought the controls, though unruly at some points, handled quite well, and the character design was quite good also.

I do have a couple of suggestions for improvement:

1) Add more items - In addition to bacon, you could add other foods and make them all worth a different number of points. This will add a bit more variation to your game.

2) More stages - A stage-select option would add some re-playability to your game.

Overall a pretty damn good platformer that I think may have been overlooked by Newgrounds.

~ Zornkatzu

(( it was notbad ))

this was ok, kinda neat idea with bacon, but i like latout and graphics especily the nice effort on the character, you should add more stuff more bacon and so on though.

More props would be a good start.

A fun game and neat graohics.



Bacon could make anything perfect, but the game was pretty fun.
(does best beggin' strips commerical dog immation) IT'S BACON!

Good Game

Itd be good if you had some other pickups, like time consuming eggs or sausages that kept the time going or something like that. Good game nontheless i liked it.

Nice little game!

I bet you got a really good mark on this project :P