Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"

Good Game

Itd be good if you had some other pickups, like time consuming eggs or sausages that kept the time going or something like that. Good game nontheless i liked it.

Nice little game!

I bet you got a really good mark on this project :P


Pretty good for a school project.

Assuming that this is one of your early endevors in Flash, seeing as you mention it is for a class, I've gotta say that it's a very satisfying yet simple amalgam of all that one needs without a lot of the unnecessary stuff. Strangely, just like bacon.

Violence gets an 8, though, because bacon is still the giblets of broiled pig.


I LOVE BACON SO FRICKIN" MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! *heavy breathing* Bacon is the most how do I sa yit DELECIBLE substance on earth!!!!!!!

Not bad.

Good attempt at a decent game here. Didn't have much of a point, but it was good for what it was...