Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"


You should put in a scoreboard and then people will be playing it for very long

bacon hmmmmmmm

edd u rule. do u know my friend robo885

The eedsword stuff are comeing fast


I love bacon

not bat

Pretty good!

A nice, simple platformer! I thought the controls, though unruly at some points, handled quite well, and the character design was quite good also.

I do have a couple of suggestions for improvement:

1) Add more items - In addition to bacon, you could add other foods and make them all worth a different number of points. This will add a bit more variation to your game.

2) More stages - A stage-select option would add some re-playability to your game.

Overall a pretty damn good platformer that I think may have been overlooked by Newgrounds.

~ Zornkatzu