Reviews for "Quest for Bacon"


addicting good job edd


This is oddly addicting, and i feel compelled to play it till the end of time...

A simple yet fun little game

The animation to it had a cute style to it,the gameplay was simple but was fun though i was a little disappointed to find out that there was no music to go with it and there was a little bugs with the controls and platforms but no big deal it was still a good game coming from such a great flash animator such as yourself early in your flash career.

It wasnt...bad..

I didnt really enjoy it, the gaps between the platforms are narrow so I cant jump through them. The graphics were extremely 2d, which i didnt really mind. Music could have made it slightly more enjoyable, but overall this game isnt...bad. 7/10 3/5

not bad

but not as good as the movies series !