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aculy your movie sucked but thats not the point, totw is awesome because every wendsday all of NG gets whistle points, i also can't stop feeling bad for people when i was marking abusive stuff -frenzy- and some1 named orangesomthing wrote exelants reviews but noobs who just pass buy making everything as abusive mark great reviews as abusive knowing this will probubly get alot of abusive marks i better stop now or else you guys will think its to long and mark it as abusive, so anyways guys remember TOTW= good


this flash is a magnificent, beautiful work of art. Anyone who thinks otherwise must die. Make many more.

lol. This is so hard to review.

I am not crazy for the bumsex movies... I'm actually curious as to why they get underdog and turd and aren't just chucked to the obituaries. But anyway. If I haven't offended you I would like to know what song it was that had the subliminal message on the second shoice of movies. I'd greatly appreciate it if you told me. If not, I'll still follow bumsex to see how the saga ends. Someday...


It was alright, but a bit odd in that sence

w00tfk ?

i found some parts funny, dont know why :)