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I actually found some of that quite funny.

Erm Funny But.........

I think u got a bit toooo carried away....its kinda like you showing how disturbed and ignorant u can be i mean the ending just aint funny..............the only part that was "KINDA" funny was the bit with the poop on the head but still a bit too much.....Wtf was that?

Actually you do us a huge favor!

I see when you make Flash like this people get mad.Then they write hateful reviews.Then I blow the whistle on about 70 people.Make more please...Give us more whistle points! Anyways,Other than that I find your actual animating skills quite exceptional...Other then the parts that pisses everyone off...Which is hilarious to both you and me.. =D

I'm probably gonna have nightmares now...

...especially that clown one. Who the hell was that? Why the hell did he do that freak #@%$ at the end of his song? Was he being shocked, was he being possesed, or was he just trying to freak me out? Is the clown evil? I really don't care much for the other stuff, 'cause it was random and aout hamster/gerbil/guinea pigs, but that clown is gonna be the reason I can't sleep at night. It has nothing on that one...it was like a plea for help, but I was too late...

this one wasnt as bad as the other ones

this one actually wasnt as bad as the others because some of the flashes had quality to them like the clown even thow i hate the song it wasnt that bad but the only thing that scared me was that i always thought that the clown would scream at me like it always does