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I have one question....

...how the hell did you manage to get "Underdog of the Week" AND "Turd of the Week"?......

I'm sorry to all those who hate this random shit, but that takes some skill.

Lovingly random, and hurtful to the eyes. Like a car crash, you can't stop at just one glance.

And the clown lipsync means you spent some time on this.... good job. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

FatBadger responds:

this movie is a cult hit, hence alot of good reviews, so that = underdog.

I fivened this...

... since you enjoy getting straight zeroes. Oh yeah, I didn't watch the movie, but I can imagine. And probably not even related to its title. LOL, wathever. Peace.

. . . . .

They were all fucking horrible except the Blacktop one, that one was alright. But can you tell me what the song is, or who it's by? I gave the sound an eight because of that song.


wtf? that was so confusing it was awsome... i guess?


Good job XD
I laughed alot when I saw the amount of people that got pissed off at this XD

FatBadger responds:

free points for abusive reviews...