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The truth is...

The truth is, if you wrote a hateful review to this, it's because it scared the shit out of you. Many people who are mature admit they were scared and compliment, and those who are younger looking for porn wrote bad and hateful reviews. This may not be one of the authors greatest pieces of work, but it still is good.


xD I loved this.
I didnt see the clown part, cuz i had a bad feeling about it...lol


...haha...So...yeah Dr Peppers good...mm...and the super furry action thing...apart from the whole purpose of it...well the sex...nice drawings...lol

And dammit! The clown screaming suspence was ruined by the last guy pointing it out, but I thank him for it, cos I probably would have pissed myself if I wasnt expecting it lol.

...Aww....no more BUMSEX BUMSEX BUMSEX....

lol scared the SHIT outta me

ok the 4th cartoon just scared the SHIT outta me lol as...as the volumn faded away and got quieter i turned up my headphones up then all of a sudden there was this demented clown face and shit loud noise. lol i havent falled for these for a LONG time as they normally happedn as the beggining or midddle not at the end


Yeah, Just gotta say that you actually managed to pinpoint my epileptic frequency.

Oh, and by the way, I'm serious.