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A piece of art!


Graphically this flash is a piece of art, the overused intro, Revrent's DBZ style character, the lip sync of Piclownjew, the flying shit of Zekey's tribute, the furries that were assfucking eachother, it's all... BEAUTIFULL!!!


The style is something I really like in this movie. It's very varied. From a simple shock flash to an emotional music clip, this flash has it all. Brick Top's movie was stunning. It was pretty scary at first, expecting a scream any moment. But it didn't happen! I even felt kinda sorry for the poor little Piclownjew, getting used just to scare people...


The shocking noises, the classic '80's music in the menu, the J-pop in the intro, it's all really good an high quality. I salute you all for doing such a great job on the audio part, well done.


There's a violent ammount of DBZ, fucking, poo and fat badgers, so whatever kind of violence you're looking for, this flash has it, seriously.


The buttons all work, nothing wrong with that. But it goes further than that, there's real emotion in this flash collab. For example, Brick Top's movie was touching, while SuperFurryAction's part was extraordinarily shocking and seisure-causing. Well done on that, people.


I had to laugh when I saw Piclownjew's sad little face, because I knew it was coming... but it didn't! The other movies were also quite funny.


One of the best, if not THE BEST Bummsex collab ever made! A great 10 overall is awarded to you all! Congratulations!

I am the savior

Most of the movies for this were ok but the last one sad face singing was the best one. the one that could use the most improving would have to be the one with the stick figure taking a crap on the baby. 4/5

Once again

I can safely say I was not looking forward to B3, but i was actually surprised. Most of the stuff didn't really have a point, and the screamers are getting old (though, I must admit, even though I knew enough to turn down the speakers after the song one, it still got me a little :) ).
The reason I was surprised was that there was actually some really well done work on this one. Revrent's had some decent animation in the first part, gratuitous as it was and despite it's crappy screamer. I was really impressed by the submission by Brick Top (again, pre-screamer). The mouth was really well-synched with the music, and the movement was done very smoothly. You guys obviously have a good amount of flash talent, I would love to see you collaborate on something with decent, non-screamer audio and a plotline. You could probably hit front page if you tried.

kinda weird but good

some of the sounds were very loud, pls give warning for people in headphones.

FatBadger responds:

warning...loud noise