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As silly and pointless as this is...it's not bad

While the title and the author's comments of this collaboration is meant to elicit zeoes, this entry is far better in its component quality than most entries to the Portal. The lip synching in Brick Top's section alone shows that there was significant work done to this. It's a bit juvenile, but for the most part, this piece isn't lazy, so that earns it points in my book.


This is my personal favorite of the bumsexbumsexbumsex trilogy. The animation was very amazing, the best thing i seen on newgrounds dot com ever.

The intro is cool!

and the movies

are cool to!

so i vote 5 for this

because its real good

please make more bajur films


onto the detailed review

revrent - good
fat badgar - good
zekey spack lizarf - good
brick taop - good
super furry hahto azction - good

this is a fine film and if you enjoy it you should watch the chiyo chan collab and the chiyop chan collab 2 and the chiyo chan collab 3

will there be a bumsex bumsex bumsex 4? i hope so because bumsex bumsex buimsex is my fovriote movies on newgrounds dot come and deserves a lot of awards for being such a good movie. i dont like movies like XIN i only like movies abou bumsex, ok?

wierd, funny and cool

this was wierd, funny and cool at the same time. the 1st one was a little cool and wierd. the 2nd was strange, 3rd one was funny, 4th one was cool until it scared the shit out of me, and the last one was cool i realy liked it.

FatBadger responds:

my part isnt strange :/


Another good turd of the week from you guys! That means more whistle points for me!!!!! YAY :D
Good flash(I mean bad)
Btw whats the song in the intro called?

The singing clown was the great!

but everything else was bad sept the animation for that guy who looked like he was from dragon balls Z and the furry sex.