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lol fat badger i still like ur faces they just look funny- >: [ hehe... i see u used the bbqbeefburgerman song at the beginning..thats cool, this one wasnt as funny as the others but its still good, and what happens on brick tops short? i dont want to watch that cuz im afraid something would pop up.

Nice work on this

Very swell indeed

<3 BassClef

its beautiful

the charachters and plot was original, i love the series make more

Okay, I guess


The itnroduction was pretty good, and, other than the turd buttons, the menu was pretty cool, too. You also had a 'MENU' button (once again a piece of turd) for everyone's part. Brick Top's part was pretty good, although I didn't sit through all of it.


Everybody else's part was pretty much crap. I think that these collabs should have more to them than just frantic noises, and (basically) random images flashing, or being shown. And I think that maybe you bunch of guys should try that.



Nice one

I love all of your movies Fat_Badger, every single one of them. Please, never stop submitting. The portal wouldn't be as fun without them.