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Pretty bad.

^^Good Points^^
Atleast this isn't the worst collab I've seen done on NG, and not your worst either badjur. I kind of liked the singing piclownjew part. That was the only part that looks like it may have taken some effort to produce.

^^Needs Improving^^
Every other part of this collab is either loud, disgusting, and/or poorly drawn. It's really no surprise to me though that most of this is complete rubbish.


we're reminded of piconjo becuase this is the star syndicate.

Starsyndicate is teh shiznabomb anyways, I want in on one of these collabs damit! lol. oh well... one can dream... one can dream.

one can also learn how to use flash right becuase i freakin suck with it lol.

Anyone else reminded of Piconjo by this?

You sir reminded me of Piconjo. You get a 10 for sound because Kraftwerk is awesome, and Popcorn is awesome, and the screaming guy at the end of the emo song was funny. Other than that this was just material that just avoided being blammed.


that was quite hilarious and fun

I gave it a five ffor makeing me laugh :)

FatBadger responds:

vin desiel is in fast and furious 3

Lol nice

Your a fucking classic Badger :)

Good thing about your flash's that people leave abusive reviews. Which means my whistle level sores :)

Keep it up.