Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Sprite 1-2"


WTF was THAT?!

pretty cool.

could have been better... like the mario backgrounds! lol. where didja get the kingdom hearts sprites from?

Old-Style-Clock responds:

i just googled "Kingdom Hearts Sprites"

It's not very good

I think it wasn't good, I didn't know what was going on, but I have to say something, everybody on Newgrounds is able to voice there opionions and say they think wheather someone should be banned or not, and sometimes people spell stuff wrong, but the idiot before me says this should be banned and he spelled the word wrong, when trying to say something like that who the hell spells it wrong it's not spelled bammed this dude needs to stop watching Emeril cook and pay attention, I'm sorry, I had to say it, This gets a 0, the DJ has spoken, BAM.

Old-Style-Clock responds:

lol shuddup faddy

Oh, you NG kids! Thinking sprite movies are cool!

Stick to making music, buddy. That stuffs ok, but sprites require about 0 effort with none of the artwork done by yourself, and minimal work done on the animation.

Old-Style-Clock responds:

LMAO a clock n00b lets see your movie because your in the clock crew


i have those sprites,and know where you got htem
but great movie

Old-Style-Clock responds: