Reviews for "K-FED: Dancing with Fire"

Wow, K-Fed can take a beating.

Good to see a new Assassin game after a long hiatus!


after that CD he made. i had some rage i needed to vent out

Very easy, but still nice

If you really suck at this...easiest way for a flawless victory: Shots to the groin.

Hit Kfed in the gut and groin until Britney comes, use a hook to knock the baby out of her hands and juggle the baby away from Spears so that it falls to the ground and Britney will follow. Then you can finish Kfed up with 15 billion nut beats. (Hm...I wonder why he can take so many?)

good ol snk

if the arcades still made games like this I might actualy go. I demand this in coin-op

Simply Great

Classic. This is begging to be remade in full on the New Nintendo Wii. Kudos to you sir and thanks for being a punching bag K-Fed(dumb****)