Reviews for "K-FED: Dancing with Fire"


Hated it until Britney came out and he hid behind her lmao.

I know that that lady is Britney Spears from police records, but really, punching a baby? Even if it is a son of a woman who randomly attacks people with umbrellas and says she is practicing for a movie role, that is kind of bad. Plus in the game, what killed her? Her baby fell on the ground and she died? Eh whaaaa? Also Britney wouldn't care that much about her baby :P, and a woman who would help her boyfriend in a fight while holding her baby probably doesn't care that much about her baby either. Nice game otherwise. Usually I can't have fun with a game that easy and short.

Great game . Sometimes i cant get the fat ladys baby on the floor.

I did two awesome things: defeated kevin without defeating britney just to see her legs animation when looking to the floor and then, after that, won the game by perfect.

Excelent game.

Also, get game over guys, to see a funny scene.