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Reviews for "Beginners Guide to Flash"

Thanks man is helped a lot

Now i'm trying to make my first movie.
good job.
make m ore so I can study more.

Jovatov responds:

When you've mastered all of this, you already have gone a far way.

Great, a little rough around the edges

Does its thing well, not very well drawn, but very organized and quick loading. Nifty little flash for anyone interested.

It's functional and it works, and for this, that's all you really need out of it.

helpful tutorial!

some of the things you mention, i didnt even know about! thanks alot man! i needed some tips so i could finish my dbz flashes.

Jovatov responds:

Glad I could help,
good luck on your flashes!


I Think That Was Great

Jovatov responds:

Thank you