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Reviews for "Cripple Johnny"

man, your mean

the one minority it isn't ok to poke fun at is the mentally/physically handicaped. If someone is born w/ or attains a disability, it dosent make them an animal. we should respect people who's hearts are strong enough that they live with these differences, not hate them. If you want to poke fun, do it to someone who deserves it. Uh, but good game anyways. I liked the graphic style and music.


Im horrified!!! This idea had so much potential!!!
You definitely cheesed out on it

What it needs... MORE CRIPPPLE JOKES, maybe some skill involved make it so he can kart his chair around some morez add an extra dimension so he can drag his cripple ass thru town!!

I loved the drawing style, U made the concept of the retarded child a little depressing with the music, happier music would definitely make him the loveable cripple he should be!!! XD

Loomkind responds:

Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure that johnny gets more Cripple in the next one.


Not much as a game as well... a day in the life of poor Johnny. Neat idea, if a little odd.

Sad yet addicting

This was most defintlyone of those what were you thinking the day you came up with that? games but will satisfy time for a good 5 min.

Alright game.

Got a bit gutted that this game wasn't about crippling people.

But still it was alright, the graphics were nicely drawn like a kid (or retard.)

The only thing I didn't like was the music, it was alright and a bit relaxing but you could obviously tell where it looped.