Reviews for "A Tribute to Stupid"


not bad really weid


I bet anything that anyone whom rated this animation less than 10 didn't know how to spell bologna XD

Dont argue with the script!

I lol'd, not too fancy, and straight to the point :D

That's what you get

That's what you get for hiring a talking monkey to do your commercial for you. Next time you'll just have to outsource and pay some Indian guy 2 dollars to spell it right, but sing it in an unintelligible crippling accent instead. Nah, they don't do that for commercials.... yet.

I have seen this joke before, however, almost exactly. Christopher Walken, singing the "Tomato Tomato" song pronouncing it tomayto both times instead of tomayto, tomahto. And then he's interrupted, I think Chris Katan tells him something in a quiet voice and says "what's a tomahto?" Well, you copy from the best, at least.

awesome shiz!

I always wondered why its pronounced baloney if its spelled bologna